Simulation for Recommender Systems

The Workshop on Synthetic Data and Simulation Methods for Recommender Systems Research (SimuRec) brings together researchers and practioners to understand the current state of the art on best practices for using simulation and data synthesis for research, development, and education in recommender systems.

This workshop is a great opportunity to help shape the use of simulations and synthetic data in the next several years of recommender systems research. We look forward to your contributions and the ensuing discussion.


This workshop is a little different from most RecSys workshops: it is built around a working group consisting of the authors of accepted position papers. This group will work virtually from Aug. 27 through Sep. 24 to discuss the contributed ideas and draft a report on the state and future directions in simulation methods for recommender systems research.

During RecSys, there will be a hybrid half-day session that is open to all RecSys workshop program attendees to present and discuss the positions and conclusions of the working group. Papers for this workshop will not be published, unless individual authors choose to make them available; workshop outcomes will be disseminated through a jointly-authored report by the working group participants.

Important Dates

Position papers due July 29, 2021 August 2, 2021
Notification August 13, 2021
Distribution to Praticipants August 16, 2021
Working group August 27 Kickoff
September 10 Second Meeting
September 24 Wrap-up Meeting
Ongoing Aug. 27–Sep. 24 Asynchronous Discussion
Conference & Public Meeting Week of September 27