SimuRec organizers along with authors of the accepted position papers started the first working group in August 27. The second, working group was in September 10. The third and the last working group will be in September 24. All the working group meetings are happening virtually.

So far, we come up with six main topics namely, synthetic data, reproducibility, infrastructure, user behavior, algorithm development and sim2real.

During the ACM RecSys conference, SimuRec Workshop will take place in October 2nd with the following schedule (all times CEST):

  1. Session 1 (15:00–15:45): Introduction and Overview (from the organizers)
  2. Session 2 (16:00–16:45, 15 min ea): Simulated / Synthetic Data, Reproducibility, and User Behavior
  3. Session 3 (17:15–18:00, 15 min ea): Algorithm Development and Sim2Real
  4. Session 4 (18:15–19:00): Community Feedback and Wrapup